Koldfront KIM202W Ice Maker Review

Koldfront KIM202W Ice Maker Review

There is no reason why you need to clutter up your freezer with ice cube trays. They are messy. They are hard to fill. More importantly, they take forever to make ice. Then the ice absorbs the taste of the things around them. If you feel like you have to have the ice, you might feel like you don’t have a choice. That is where the Koldfront KIM202W Ice Maker comes in.

The Koldfront is an ultra-compact machine that you can plug in anywhere and have ice in about ten minutes. It doesn’t need a water or a drain line. You can fill it with any water you would like. That enables you to be able to take it anywhere that you want. Including your RV, boat, or office.

This ice maker weights in at about 25 pounds. That mean it is lightweight and portable enough to move it anywhere you need to. It can produce ice in less than ten minutes and make its weight in ice per day. There isn’t much else you could ask for in a home ice machine.

Setting up the Koldfront KIM202W Ice Maker is so simple. You just need to plug it in, fill it with water, choose your size of ice, and wait ten minutes. It holds about a pound and a half of water. It does not need a water line. The only down side is that you will have to remove the ice when the ice bin is full as it does not keep the ice frozen. It is the perfect size to fit anywhere.


  • Portable enough to fit anywhere you want to use it at. You can even put it in your RV, boat, or tiny house. Its light weight says makes it even easier to move around.
  • The Koldfront can give you twenty-six pounds of ice per day in your choice of big or small. That means you can free up all that freezer space. No more messy ice trays.
  • While the insulated storage bin will not keep ice frozen. It is very well insulated. It can hold a pound and a half ice at a time.
  • You can easily work it with the touch sensitive controls. There is no need to try to figure out the user manual every time you want ice.
  • The water recycle is a great feature that not all home ice machines have. It means that the ice that melts is put back into the reservoir to become ice once again. You do not waste water.


Koldfront KIM202W Ice Maker is a perfect fit for any kitchen. You will love its compact and light weight design because you can place it anywhere that you want or take it with you if you want. You don’t need a water line or drain line which adds to its functionality.

You will love the easy to use touch keys. The indicator light makes it simple to see when you need to add water. Simplify your family gatherings, enjoy ice cold drinks anytime you get ready, no matter how you choose to use it, the Koldfront KIM202W Ice Maker will not disappoint you.


  • Production capacity: 26 lbs of ice/day
  • Storage capacity: 1.5 lbs
  • Use tap water or bottled water
  • Makes two (2) different cube sizes
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Electronic controls
  • No drain required
  • Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz
  • Power: 230 W/2.0 A
  • Weight: 20.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.9″ H x 9.5″ W x 14.1″ D


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