Edgestar IP210TI Ice Maker Review

Edgestar IP210TI Ice Maker Review

The Edgestar IP210TI Ice Maker is definitely a great buy because it has quite a few top of the line features including soft touch controls and how quickly it produces ice. It is also perfectly priced to fit into any household budget.

The titanium finish allows the Edgestar IP210TI Ice Maker to sit in any kitchen, no matter how you choose to decorate it. It is both stylish and chic.

As with most ice makers, you can choose the type of water that you use. You can use water straight from the tap or choose your favorite brand of bottled water. No matter what your choice is, you will love the recycle feature that allows the melted ice to be reused.

The Edgestar IP210TI Ice Maker weighs in at a light 31 pounds yet it can hold up to two and a half pounds of ice at a time. By simply emptying the ice tray when it is full, you can get up to twenty pounds of ice per day. Add that to the ability to choose the size of your ice and you will never buy ice again.


  • You get over 20 pounds of ice a day
  • The bin holds over two pounds of ice
  • Each cycle is less than ten minutes long
  • It runs at about 45-110 degrees
  • You get an ice scoop and a storage bin
  • You don’t need a drain line
  • You can choose the size of your ice
  • This produces ice bullets
  • It has an easy to use Soft Touch Control Panel
  • Compressor style cooling to create ice.

EdgeStar produces bullet ice. This means that they are shaped like a bullet and have a hole in the middle. However, the size options make it perfect for cocktails at home, sodas at the office, or even in your water while you are in your RV. This is a truly versatile and efficient machine, and one of the best ice makers on the market.

Besides being just the right size to fit virtually anywhere, you will love that the soft controls are so easy to use that you probably won’t even need to use the instruction booklet. You get ice with one easy touch. There is no guessing and no learning curve. It even comes with its very own ice scoop.


  • You can tailor the size of your ice by what you intend to use it for.
  • You are in control of the type of water you use. No water line needed.
  • The ice that melts gets sent back to the reservoir in order to be used again.
  • With the ability to make twenty pounds of ice a day, you will always have ice, even if you throw a family gathering.
  • Soft touch controls allow for easy use without guessing or having to look it up every time you want to change a setting.
  • The cycle takes less than ten minutes and produces two pounds of ice.


  • You get the market standard of only a year warranty.
  • Since there is no freezer, the ice melts and has to be remade, but that is where the recycle feature comes in.
  • You really need to run a cleaning cycle on it before you use it otherwise the ice tastes funny.
  • There is only one shape of the ice.


Edgestar IP210TI Ice Maker has to be one of the most useful and reliable ice makers available. The warranty covers just about anything you might have problems within the first year. You will get a good amount of ice with little effort on your part. That makes it perfect for any home or office. The size allows you to place anywhere, including purchasing a separate stand.

It is beautiful, elegant, and stylish enough to blend in with any décor. The customer service department, should have a problem, is east to talk to and only increases the value of this machine.


  • Model – IP210TI
  • Product Type – Portable
  • Product Dimensions – 14.5 x 11.8 x 14.5 inches
  • Product Weight – 31 pounds
  • Product Color – Grey
  • Material – Titanium
  • Display Type – Digital
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Amps – 2.7A
  • Frequency – 60Hz
  • Refrigerant Type – R134a


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