Best Portable Monitors 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Portable Monitors
Portable monitors are the most recent sensation in the business. Also called USB Powered Monitors, these are the most portable screens that you can possess. Try to figure out that you are sitting at your work area, setting up a presentation to dispatch the newest release of your organization, and you find out that the screen space offered by your portable PC is not sufficient to fulfill the substance of your presentation.

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ASUS MB168B has an arrangement of immaculate qualities. It includes a TN panel that features it with fast enough response time.


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This monitor is one of the top portable monitors of 2017. Asus has an arrangement of immaculate qualities. It includes a TN panel that features it with fast enough response time. The size of the screen may appear to be small; however, you can comfortably enjoy your TV shows or music on it.

What does it look like? In case you are familiar with 15.6” portable PCs, that is precisely what this monitor resembles. One of the greatest things about this monitor is that it is a USB powered. This implies you don’t have to squander your HDMI port or VGA port to utilize this screen.

View orientations are automatically recognized by this monitor with its built-in function. It additionally pleases the client by its easy fitting in the portable PC’s bag with its 0.8 mm thickness, being the slimmest out among all single portable monitors herein enlisted.

What’s amazing about this USB powered device its multifunctional case that has the feature of offering device security as well as being a movable stand.

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Why Do You Need a Portable Monitor

Chances are you are voyaging without your desktop screen, and then this will make you mad. But best portable monitors out there to make your day brighter as they are extremely thin and significantly simple to interface with your other equipment.

Because of the perpetually developing innovation, we, at last, can connect monitors via the USB ports or HDMI, and enjoy a completely new work environment. This is a relief for experts or individuals who need to work with various screens.

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This is the cheapest FHD 15.6” USB powered monitor on the market. Its stand allows it to be held vertically and horizontally.


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Top 5 Portable Monitors

Brand Screen Size Price
ASUS MB169B+ 15.6 $$
ASUS MB168B 15.6 $$
GeChic 2501H 15.6 $$$
GeChic 2501C 15.6 $$
AOC E1659FWU 16 $

Buyer’s Guide

This guide to buying outstanding portable monitors covers the fundamentals that ought to help all potential buyers.

Slim is best!

This is a basic element. You don’t need your portable monitor to be thick. These screens are particularly intended for easy use on the go. In case you purchase a too big portable monitor, it can make its portability worthless. Portable monitors should have a normal thickness of 0.3”.

The USB Port Connectivity

Your device needs to have an extra USB port. That is to enable you to connect that device to the portable monitor. A large amount of the best portable monitors interface utilizing USB ports and that is why they are also known as USB-Powered Monitors.

USB 3.0 is normally a standard; nevertheless, USB 3.1 of type C is gradually taking over USB 3.0.


In case you required more performance profitability, you ought to go for best portable monitors that have FHD resolution at least. Nevertheless, for typical usage, even an HD monitors can be enough.

As these monitors are so cheap, HD is the most well-known resolution that you will come across. You can incidentally get higher resolutions like FHD but at a much higher price.

How to improve Your Life With Portable Monitors

These portable monitors include various advantages for the clients. Individuals from all strolls of lives can gain profits with these screens. Be it developers who make programs any in any place, gamers who play in any place and experts who work in any place.

Offering a blend of versatility and efficiency, these convenient monitors are a bundle of numerous elements. Nonetheless, portable monitors are not quite restricted to be utilized just for their portability. You can join them to your desktop’s screen as an additional asset. You can likewise utilize them as a picture frame.

By simply sliding it into your bag, you can move around with your portable monitor, be it to your office or at your companion’s place. In case you felt like watching your most loved films, lying on your lounge chair, snatch your portable monitor and entertain yourself with thanks to its compact design.

Portable Monitor with big size screen

In case 13.3”, 15.6” and 17.3” sizes are not enough for you and if your prerequisites are for bigger screens, then you will be disillusioned. At present, there are no such portable monitors in the market.

The reason is very basic: the bigger the screen size, the bulkier the monitor becomes. Consequently, bigger screens mean less portability.

On the opposite side, you can’t preclude the easiness offered by big screen portable monitors.

We can dare to dream that, sooner rather than later, best portable monitors with larger screens would be introduced in the market.

Easy Touch ED170 POS LCD Monitor

Easy Touch ED170 POS LCD MonitorThe Easy Touch ED170 POS LCD touch screen might be a little bit darker than other alternatives; however, it is a good choice in all cases. It has a 17” screen, which is huge in contrast with the others, with a poor resolution of 1280×1024 and a brightness level of 300 cd/m2. It is somewhat overweighing in contrast with others, with 8.8 pounds. However, that is because of its convenient and solid stand. It also includes a VESA mount for additional comfort.

Nonetheless, its essential component is the 5 wire touch sensor which enables your interaction with the touch screen. It is compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/MAC OS and this monitor is exceptionally adaptable. With everything taken into account, this item is a fascinating alternative which merits your consideration. Check Price.

PS4 Portable Monitor

There are monitors you can move around for your gaming needs. Some of them have the slimness of a tablet; while others offer an entire gaming environment.

They have much smaller sizes than your normal screens, and as a result, you will have to sit ideally in front of them to operate your games, yet they do offer you a great deal of portability.

The one issue is that they don’t spare you sitting nearby a power socket. These monitors don’t include power batteries. The vast majority of these gaming portable monitors are USB powered as well.

Hori Full HD Monitor for PS4

Hori Full HD Monitor for PS4This last item in our list is a privileged inclusion in this guide as it is made for PS4 rather than for your portable PC destined for work. In the event, you are a dedicated gamer on PS4, while you have to move a great deal, or in case you don’t have essentially enough space in your room, the HORI Full HD Monitor is what you need.

This item has all requirements for your gaming since it has built-in headset jack and speakers. It also has its own OSD, in addition to the accessories you need to operate the display. This display is made for the PS4, even the outline allows that this device gets discreetly attached to the top of the station.

Two slots are available for HDMI for video input, so following the use of one of them for the Play Station 4, you can append your PC or portable workstation in one setup for all. Although this model does not have a built-in battery and does not get power from the PS4, you can utilize it in any place where you can locate a 12v DC power supply, similar to the ones in modern vehicles. This means that you can utilize this device on the go. Albeit costly and difficult to come across nowadays, their quality of the image is astonishingly suitable for a mobile screen.

This is undoubtedly a luxury; however, in case you had a Play Station 4 and wanted to enjoy some portability and spare some space, getting this screen is more valuable than dragging around an HDTV. Check Price.

Portable Monitors Features

First things first, there are no worries at all over the response times, refresh rates or contrast ratios. These screens did not come as flawless.

Options for connectivity are the most prominent feature. How can you get it connected to your device? HDMI, VGA or USB port? Likewise, you have to consider of the monitor’s size. There are as of now two available sizes: 15.6” and 17.3”. And both can be interchangeable. The portable monitor with 15.6” screen offers more portability, yet it is not as agreeable as the one with 17.3” screen.

Another vital element is a resolution. The higher it is, the more money you will need to pay for the monitor. Two standard resolutions are available: HD and FHD.

Understanding of USB Powered Monitors

There are two interchangeable terms that are in use here: USB powered monitors and portable monitors screens. By USB powered monitors we mean that the device operates based on the mere availability of a USB cable that enables the easy connection of the device. Hence, these screens do not need an outside power source. The USB cable has the function of interfacing with the device, which spares you a lot of burdens.

Thus, in case you needed to utilize your portable monitor for a double screen setup or to set up your business presentation, you will have to simply attach your portable monitor with your portable workstation or PC with thanks to a USB cable.

Since you know about the perfect characteristics offered by these best portable monitors, all you have to do is make up your mind whether you require them. The good news is, these monitors are extremely low-cost, so you don’t have to arrange a massive financial plan to acquire them.

HDMI Ports

In spite of the fact that the best portable monitors are mostly USB powered. There is a couple that you can also get with HDMI connection. As this article has informed you, such screens can be connected to plenty of devices like cell-phones, game consoles, cameras, and so forth.

The negative point is that these monitors are costly; they cost significantly more than their USB powered rivals. When making a comparison between them and customary monitors, you will find out that the price of a portable monitor with HDMI can buy you a high-end conventional monitor.

Contrasts between a USB and HDMI Monitors

HDMI monitors, for the most part, need a power source. Therefore, you might need to have one with you in addition to the monitor. Or, you will have to sit an electricity plug. They are made for connection with different devices, including, cell phones and game consoles. However, for the most part, you will need an adapter, at an additional cost of course.

On the other hand, a power source is not needed for USB monitors. A portable PC or Mac will be sufficient in such manner, as they require, for the most part, a driver set-up that will be included with the monitor and won’t work without installation. Yet, once you have that done, which is a snappy

An additional matter you need to know is that USB monitors can encounter slacks, which are slight delays between the minute you trigger a command and when the monitor effectively gets that command, which takes generally some fractions of a second.


The best portable monitors are stunning buddies for your needs on the go. In case you have a small-size screen on your portable PC that you that you want a larger one for bigger performance, then these are the monitors you need to have.

You can utilize them for more performance on your portable workstation as well as for your desktop. Who would decline the benefit of an additional screen? They are so affordable and so simple to an interface that you will not mull over before making this investment.

In any case, this does not mean they work for everybody. Outstanding portable monitors might be extraordinary, but they don’t come with massive features. They include only the essential characteristics. The colors they offer are not the most attractive either.

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