Best Monitors For Graphic Design 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Monitors For Graphic Design
Finding the best monitors for graphic design is difficult for everyone. There are a lot of variables, including things like how much you can spend, and what else you plan to use it for. Some people plan to use their monitor only for graphic design purposes, while others might use it for additional activities like editing videos and playing computer games. Certainly, anyone who is a graphic designer by trade will need something that is just right for them.

Why Do You Need a Monitor For Graphic Design

You need high-quality equipment for almost any profession — especially graphic design. Graphic designers require a good monitor to produce superior work. No one wants to be a designer who creates subpar work only because his or her screen did not show the final product accurately.

Serious graphic designers will require a monitor that offers perfect color accuracy along with the high resolution. So, how do you get a monitor that is perfectly tailored to your needs? Before you set your eyes on one, let’s break down the essential qualities of an ideal graphic designer monitor to ensure that you don’t end up with mediocrity in an attempt to save some quick bucks.

Top 5 Best Monitors For Graphic Design

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NEC brand is well recognized by most professionals. If monitors were cars, these would be the Ferrari.


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NEC is well recognized by most professionals. If monitors were cars, these would be the Ferrari brand. Monitors created by NEC are distinguished by the fact that they are built to execute the highest quality designing projects possible. NEC monitors come equipped with some of the most comprehensive features for enabling the work of both graphic designers and a wide range of other professionals.

Like all top of the line graphics designing monitors, NEC monitors provide 14-bit LUT for adjusting and also include 99% of Adobe RGB color space. While typical professional monitors are only capable of covering 100% of sRGB, their coverage is subordinate to Adobe RGB color space. This monitor is up to the task of editing movies as well as theatrical films.

There are tons of monitors available in today’s marketplace. While having exquisite qualities many are hard on your eyes! For your convenience, we have compiled a list of monitors made to the quadruple enjoyment of the graphic design experience. Listed are monitors that the average professional graphic designer can afford. There are monitors that are much more expensive but high cost is not the subject of this list.

Buyer’s guide

There are different types of best monitors for graphic design on the market that are designed for different applications, including graphic design. A professional graphic designer needs a good monitor to ensure the quality of their designs, and this may require a worthwhile investment. There are plenty of choices and a wide range of prices, so here are some things to consider when choosing a monitor.


Choosing a good monitor can go a long way in helping your graphics designing skills. There are many types of the monitor to facilitate your learning but it’s according to your purpose. When choosing a monitor for a graphics design, you need to choose at least 2560 x 1080 resolution.

For even better learning, a monitor of about 3840 x 2160 is highly recommended. This type is monitor is mainly used by a hardcore professional graphic designer with a good budget. With this kind of ultra high definition monitor, you already have more than you will ever need to become a professional graphics designer

IPS Panel

When it comes to working on graphics and design, graphic designers would always require a high-resolution monitor that will highlight and show real colors and appearance of his work that is a very important element in designing. Though there are a lot of panel class available everywhere varying from cheap affordable panels too expensive ones, nothing will ever be compared to those with amazing specifications and superior features if you are looking for accuracy and quality of your work.


One of the basic specification to consider when buying one of the best monitors for graphic design is the input and output connections available. Examples are the HDMI port which is essential nowadays to all kinds of designers and panel users; a Display Port and dual-link DVI ports. These are just some of the basic connections that you have to check first. If you wanted a more superior monitor, you may opt to choose monitors with Thunderbolts which is very much in the trend now.


As a matter of fact, big size monitors are the privileged ones for graphic design. Hence, monitors that have a screen size between 27” and 32” are the best ones to use. Nevertheless, one should ensure that they come with high resolution. As a result, one can achieve a stronger quality for the graphics and gain better results.

Also, big monitors offer the space to handle multiple projects at once, which is not possible with smaller size displays. Actually, multi-project performance is just a piece of cake with large monitors

Color Gamut

If you are a professional graphic designer, seeking for a monitor with a wide color gamut is a wise and healthy choice. A monitor supporting color coverage of 100% sRGB and around 99% Adobe RGB should provide you with the best intensity of colors.

A high bit panel and 14 bit LUT is a must for those who need extensive calibration for their monitors. With that much capability, you will undeniably greatly enhance the quality of your graphics.


The market of best monitors for graphic design offers a variety of choices for everyone that are aiming to get their hands on the world’s best monitors. Needless to say, these monitors comes with different features that one needs to consider as it also means additional charges in the price.

There are a lot of quality monitors that can be bought for a very affordable price. Most professional graphic designers, however, prefers those that can deliver quality designs regardless of the price.

Thus, deciding what to get, the purpose of getting it and the preferred features is essential before purchasing to avoid spending on something that does not meet one’s preferences and expectation.

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