Best Kegerators 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Beer Kegerators
If you are looking to make a purchase of something you are planning on keeping for more than a few days or weeks, you want to make sure it fits your needs. When you buy a keg or two for a party, you always hope that your friends don’t damage the keg so that you can get your security deposit back. You may, however, want more efficient and functional way to pour a glass of fresh beer to your friends – that is where the kegerator comes in. In order to help you make that decision, we have compiled a list of the most important qualities and also have reviewed the best kegerators on the market.

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Edgestar KC2000

Edgestar KC 2000 has a “designed-to-fit” style with NSF approved beer lines, facets, handles, tower and hoses. It’s hard to find a better value.

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If you are accustomed to hosting guests or just like to have a few parties every once in a while, you may be looking for your own home brewing system to serve some of your favorite ales or IPA’s cold and fresh from the keg. That being said, you don’t want to break your bank to get one. It will be hard to find a better value than the EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator.

The EdgeStar Kegerator is a full size beer cooler that specializes in cooling kegs. It is especially efficient in quality compact compliances. EdgeStar is well known for manufacturing quality, reliable products, and the KC 2000 is no exception with its many features to make serving your beer of choice as painless and efficient as possible. Read the full Edgestar KC2000 review here.

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What is a beer kegerator?

You probably have heard the term “Beer Keg Dispenser” before, the term ‘kegerator’ has become a universal term. When buying yourself best kegerator for home, you need to be sure that you choose the right one, as it could be serving your favorite pilsner, IPA or lager for a very long time.

A kegerator, in basic terms, is a beer cooler and a beverage dispensing device all in one highly-functioning machine. It can hold just about any type of liquid, but it is specifically designed for beer kegs. When installed by your home bar, this beer fridge provides a perfectly chilled beer whenever you desire it as if you were hanging out at your favorite bar.

More than anything, best home kegerator, like beverage coolers, helps maintain favorite beer for an extended period of time, sometimes up to four months without losing quality or flavor. If you and your friends and/or family consume beer on a regular basis, you will be able to save money and find that the beer you purchase will taste fresher than when you get store-bought cans or bottles.

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Nostalgia KRS2100

Nostalgia KRS2100 is the cheapest kegarator on the market today which supports almost all full-size kegs and definitely gives you the most bang for your buck.

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Top 5 Beer Kegerators

Brand Taps Price
Edgestar Single $$$
Nostalgia Single $$
Versonel Single $$$
Keggermeister Single $$
Kegco Single $$$

What kind of beer you want to store?

To find the best kegerator that suits your needs, you will need to decide what kind of beer you will want to keep stored in your home bar. This is because the most crucial part of the kegerator, the coupler, is what lets you quickly connect or disconnect hoses from the appliance.

Different beers have different standards for couplers. For example, American beers perform best using a system D coupler, while European brews perform best when using a System S coupler. When it comes to a stout or an ale, you would likely want to use a System U coupler for best results. If you like to serve different kinds of beer at parties, you may want to consider owning multiple cool kegerators if you can afford it or even a wine cooler too.

How to choose the best kegerator?

Many questions may run through your head when looking at a kegerator online.

  • Where does the CO2 tank sit?
  • Will you need any tools to complete your installation or does it just slide right into place?
  • What is the quality of the tap or tower?
  • Does the drip tray actually do what it is supposed to do?

You should think about where your kegerator will be installed on top of all of the features you may need. You should then go through each factor carefully because that is the best way to make the right purchase the first time around. You want to do the job right as opposed to quickly in this case.

Factors to consider when buying the best kegerator

There are many factors that come into play when searching for the best kegerator for your home.


As with every home machine, best kegerators come in many varying sizes. You have to double check the dimensions and make sure the kegerator you are looking to buy fits where you want to put it. You should measure your space twice and search every website you can. Researching a product like this is important before making a purchase.


Unless you leave the door open, you will not have to defrost your kegerator. In most models, any ice build-up is automatically defrosted as the compressor switches off. But you will need to clean it pretty consistently and you will need to use a kegerator cleaning kit to clean your beer lines as a tap and coupler.

Keg Type

If you are going to go for a particular brand of home bar kegerator, you should make sure that you can get your hands on, and are familiar with, the style of keg it takes. A lot of units can use more than one type, but you need to make sure that you know what it can and cannot be used with, to avoid wasting time and money.


In a lot of ways, this can be the most important factor when making this sort of purchase. How much you are willing to pay for your unit is up to you and your family. On top of what is hopefully a one-time investment, you will need to buy CO2 fairly regularly, depending on how much you drink, how fresh you want to keep your beer, the delivery of kegs and CO2 tanks, spare parts, repair etc. Having lovely fresh beer on tap at home is a luxury that you will have to pay for.

Beer Keg Sizes

Types of kegs


These generally hold about five-liter kegs and they are often found in supermarkets today. They are only made by specific kegerator brands (Edgestar, Kegco, Nostalgia), so your choices are a little limited. These are specifically for use with mini kegerators.


This type of keg is somewhat confusingly called “full-sized” kegs. Half barrel kegs hold about 58 liters of beer and are designed to be used with standard full sized kegerators. They are about 23 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter.

Quarter Barrel

These kegs are half the size of “full-sized” kegs. They come in two different shapes: the short, squat quarter barrel, and the tall, slim quarter barrel.

The standard quarter barrel has the same diameter as the half barrel (16 inches) but roughly half the height (13.5 inches).

The slim quarter barrel has the same height as the half barrel (23.5 inches) but is only 11.5 inches in diameter.

Both of the quarter barrels hold the same amount of beer, but take up vastly different amounts of space inside you kegerator, so you may want to check your set-up before buying these home kegerators.

Types of Kegerators

Types of Kegerators

Mini kegerators

Brand Taps Price
Avanti Single $$
SPT Single $
Igloo Single $$$

A mini kegerator is a smaller version of a kegerator that would be commonly used for personal use at home or for smaller get-togethers. Mini fridge kegerator is used to keep mini kegs at a cool temperature for ideal draft beer dispensing. They also known as Bubbas, usually hold 1.5 gallons (five liters) of beer. This is also equivalent to 10 pints and is perfect for a small group of friends. It is worth to find your best mini kegerator.

Portable kegerators

5 liter kegerator could be a pain to keep cool due to space it takes up in a fridge or cooler. This is why a portable kegerator is necessary and you would not have to worry about keeping your beer cold. It is made to keep your beer at a constant and optimal temperature for the perfect glass of draft beer. Its tap also help you pour a perfect pint without getting a glass half full of foam.

Full size kegerators

Brand Taps Price
Edgestar Two $$$
Kegco Single $$$
Danby Single $$$

A full size kegerator is larger and most of the units are free-standing. These are usually around the size of a single person fridge with a tower and tap on top to dispense the beer. You can also get full size kegerator with front mounted taps if you want to fit under a counter.

They use a full size keg and need a pressurized CO2 tank and couplers to dispense the beer. In most circumstances, the CO2 is not included when you purchase a device. You will have to source your own CO2 tank at a hardware store.

Outdoor kegerators

Outdoor kegerator comes as a full-sized unit. They are designed and manufactured to cater to your outdoor parties and can handle extreme outdoor temperatures. It is not wise to place your best outdoor kegerator outside unless it is a designated as it.

Built in Kegerators

Brand Taps Price
Kegco Three $$$
Beer Meister Two $$$
Marvel Two $$$

Built in kegerators are pretty expensive, but it is the perfect solution for those who want to install a beer cooler into cabinetry. The beer tower can be easily removed from the unit and mounted directly to your counter top. This kind of units usually come complete with all of the components needed to starting pouring beer. These include a dual guage regulator, 2 D couplers, 2 way air manifold, dual faucet insulated 3″ stainless steel tower, 5 lb. CO2 tank and all hoses and connectors.

Countertop Kegerators

Countertop Kegerator is an ideal choice for beer aficionados, it helps make entertaining a breeze. Their adjustable thermostat allows for ideal temperature regulation. They can hold up to 46 liters, and can hold two 5-liter beer kegs.

Undercounter Kegerators

You can store this in the kitchen, garage or your man cave. They can even look like a pretty slick-looking fridge, all black with polished black beer tower that has chrome trim. Usually it comes with everything you need to get started, so no need to have to buy extra stuff except the beer of course! Each commercial kegerator features a removable drip tray for easy cleaning and heavy duty castor wheels for improved mobility.

Commercial Kegerators

If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, you know how important it is to get the best appliances for your business. Commercial kegerators come in 1/6, 1/4, and 1/2 barrel capacities, and, depending on the brand, can hold from one to eight kegs. Depending on the variety, these dispensers have one or more taps and come with black or stainless steel exteriors.

Bar Kegerators

The most common kegerators are found at bars, usually underneath the bar. This is due to either the lack of a cellar or cooler, but it could also be because of difficulties running lines to these rooms.

Because the tap lines are so short between the keg and the tap on a kegerator beer dispenser set-up, cleaning the lines is really quite easy and hardly an issue. If you have longer lines between your kegs and the taps, the lines require at least weakly cleaning. Your beer supplier will often clean his line for free when he delivers your weekly shipment in order to ensure quality controls—be sure to ask when setting you are shipments up.

Kegerator Conversion Kit

Kegerator Conversion Kit

Brand Price
Kegco $
KegWorks $
Learn To Brew $

When you compare to the cost of best kegerators, an investment into a kegerator conversion kit could seem tempting. If you have an old refrigerator or freezer that you are not using any more, you might be able to convert it into a DIY kegerator with the right equipment. This may allow you to use multiple kegs in one appliance, but you’ll need some DIY skills to install the equipment that will convert an old appliance into a new kegerator. Or at least know someone with that knowledge.

These kits come with the instructions necessary to get the job done, but may not provide you with an advantage. Do you really want an old refrigerator converted into a home bar with kegerator? Does the old freezer slip into the spot where you can properly tap it with your home bar?

There are numerous challenges that a kegerator conversion kit comes with that may not always make it worth the reduced price you would pay for the kit when compared to a brand new kegerator. We recommend investing in the best home kegerator if owning kegs is a part of your lifestyle.

Design of Kegerators

Design of Kegerators

Stainless Steel Kegerator

A stainless steel kegerator features a modern and sleek look that allows this machine to be a feature in just about any room. These kegerators are by far the most popular because of its appearance, easy cleanup and popularity, as they are easy to find in today’s market.

This type of material looks great in a contemporary room and clearly shows that you are a refined individual. Everyone who sees this kegerator in your home will realize that you are modern and have a great taste in home appliances.

Black Kegerator Cabinet

A black kegerator cabinet will blend in with your surroundings and create an environment that is not centered on your kegerator. You will want your basement to bring attention to everything else in the room, not the appliance.

It is just as useful as any other kegerator on the market and much more attractive. A black cabinet model will pour and chill beer just as well as any other material.

DIY Wood Kegerator

Many people are now buying up old refrigerators to convert into their very own brand spanking new kegerator. A DIY Wood kegerator is the mecca of beer dispensing machines. A home kegerator made from wood is elusive and difficult to find. If you have one of these machines, you are definitely a beer enthusiast.

While you still need a refrigeration unit on the inside, surrounding it with wood is the perfect touch to your cabin or basement. All you need for a DIY kegerator is some power tools, an old refrigerator, a kegerator conversion kit, some instructions to follow, and a free afternoon.

best kegerator


It is always important to have your beer cold and fresh when serving to guests. In fact, this case applies to all canned and bottled beverages that we love to drink. However, the ordinary fridge does not cool them enough or chill them too high, which can cause them to freeze.

The solution for this problem is to get a drink cooling device like a best kegerator.

Kegerators are one of the most reliable devices that you can find. This appliance brings people together as well as the every-day kitchen table, although it is obviously not as wholesome.

Be sure that whenever you buy a new appliance that it has a warranty for the parts and the whole machine. You should think about where your home kegerator will be installed on top of all of the features you may need.

The best kegerator would make the perfect gift for any friend or loved one who enjoys hosting a party, trying a new brew in bulk or has a few roommates who just love to drink!

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Edgestar KC2000

The best beer kegerator

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