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The IPS term means “In Plane Switching” – a more up to date innovation when contrasted with the more established TN or Twisted Nematic. In spite of not being as developed and shabby as the TN, the best IPS monitors have demonstrated extraordinary potential in the monitors business. Our expert tested and selected the best monitor options for you.

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Dell Ultrasharp U2415

Dell is boundlessly adulated as being one of the best on the market, featuring two HDMI ports and mini Display Port.


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The quality of visuals on Dell Ultrasharp U2415 is unparalleled. One of the biggest advantages of this monitor over its predecessor – two HDMI ports. Along with that, the monitor offers all the necessary connectivity options including mini Display Port, Display Port (1.2), Display Port (MST), as well as an array of USB ports both and up and down stream.

The monitor has a 16:10 angle proportion with a resolution of 1920×1200 ordinarily abridged as WUXGA. Higher resolution means more space to work on. The monitor additionally has VESA mount that most people willing to setup a multi-screen setup would discover as helpful.

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Why Do You Need an IPS Monitor

The biggest advantage of IPS monitors are the colors. When contrasted with the usual 6-bit TN panels IPS ones are of the 8-bit size at least. Therefore they display more stunning colors in large variety.

Another advantage they have is the superior viewing angles. Especially, they have an extremely thin bezel, which was uncommon with the more seasoned TN boards.

To specific individuals the benefit of more extensive viewing angles is crucial; nonetheless, for gamers that sit straightforwardly confronting the screen it would not. Their greatest disadvantage is the poor response time. In spite of the fact that the innovation has made considerable progress and has greatly enhanced the response time since in previous few years, it is still not a match to TN displays.

To a critical gamer, this would be an issue; nevertheless, most gamers would not make the distinction. The wonderful colors would exceed the cons of poor response time. With the recent influx of IPS panels, they have become quite affordable.

Budget pick

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Dell SE2416HX

If you are looking for a budget monitor that has a thin bezel, a super quick response time, and a high refresh rate, then this is the screen to choose.


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Top 5 IPS Monitors

Brand Screen Size Price
Dell Ultrasharp U2415 24 $
ASUS PA248Q 24 $$
Dell SE2416HX 23.8 $
LG UltraFine 5K 34 $$$
Samsung U32D970Q 32 $$$

Buyer’s Guide

IPS vs TN Panel Monitors

This is the matter nearly everyone inquires. IPS panel innovation is still new to a few people, and similar to the case with everything new, a few people are distrustful about it. Anyway, the old Twisted Nematic or TN panels are generally noteworthy. Why would it be a good idea for anyone to go for IPS technology?

For a starter, you should know that IPS display delivers better visual quality than TN panels; nonetheless, isn’t quality fundamentally better to prompt for a change? The other most highlight to distinguish in IPS panels is that they have the amplest angles of view. This implies regardless of from which edge you take a gander at the screen, you will get uniform colors.

IPS panels, as contrasted to TN ones, have their downside as well. IPS monitor doesn’t have a quick response time, and for the most part, you can’t easily come across IPS screens with refresh rates that are speedier than 60 Hz. There are special cases, yet for the most part, that is not the situation at least with the present offers.

So why would it be advisable for you to care at all for IPS panels? Actually, this comes in line with the fact that IPS panels are the new standard at this point. They have turned out to be exceptionally affordable and can be found nearly in all price ranges.

VA Panel Monitors

In spite of the fact that TN and IPS monitors are the most celebrated in the market, there is another panel technology that is additionally beginning to get some distinction. This is the Vertical Alignment or VA innovation. You will ordinarily see that it is displayed in numerous 34 inch Ultrawide Monitors.

VA is a panel that was initially intended to beat the deficiencies of both TN and IPS. It enhanced much on the color generation and viewing angels when contrasted with TN panels, and meanwhile did not have as poor response time as IPS screens.

Nowadays, the IPS monitors have a generally quick response time of around 5 ms; nonetheless, when it first turned out, it had monstrously poor response time making VA a quite better than average innovation.

One of the greatest preferred standpoints of the VA panel is its high static contrast proportions. They include a static contrast ratio that is three folds higher than the one on TN and IPS monitors.

Indeed, even the best IPS monitors in the market can’t rival with such contrast ratio.

Nevertheless, because of the production cost, VA panels are featured mostly in high-end monitors.

Is it a Good Idea To Change Your Monitor?

As specified before, Best IPS monitors have improved colors and are all the more engaging the eyes; nevertheless, the distinction is just peripheral. In case you purchased a 24 inch TN panel monitor within last couple of years, then you don’t have to change to IPS.

You won’t see a major contrast. Notwithstanding, if you own an old monitor, odds are that your next screen will be an IPS monitor. TN panels are nearly vanishing in the range of cheap and mid-price monitors.

The visual quality differences will be more evident when you purchase a top-of-the-line LED IPS screen.

Who Will Benefit from IPS Monitor?

It’s practically everyone, starting with gamers. IPS panels nowadays are intended for bad-to-the-bone gaming. You won’t find anymore IPS gaming monitor that has refresh rates of 144 response times of 1 ms. The Acer Predator IPS gaming monitor that has as of late got invaded the market offers increased refresh rates, however, it is very costly.

Known cons of IPS Panels

Contrasted with TN boards, there aren’t many negative aspects. That is the motivation behind why best IPS screens of 2016 are eliminating TN panels. All things considered, there are two disadvantages that are constantly raised. The first is just an illusion, and it ought not influence your choice much: Response time.

Best IPS monitors have a poor response time in contrast with TN ones. Although that is valid, the distinction is scarcely noticeable to non-expert eyes. Actually, this distinction could be made, if by any chance, when there is quick moving operation.

The other more noteworthy concern is the IPS glow. Nearly all IPS monitors, including top-of-the-line one have a wonder called the IPS glow. You can see light shining or inching in from the screen edges. This could harm the contrast ratio. Therefore, dim coolers won’t be as profound as they should be. However, to numerous users, IPS glow isn’t sufficiently noteworthy to change their choice.

Budget pick

Best product

Dell SE2416HX

If you are looking for a budget monitor that has a thin bezel, a super quick response time, and a high refresh rate, then this is the screen to choose.


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IPS Monitor with 1ms

At present, there are no Best IPS monitors that can offer a response time of 1 ms. The response time is identified with the blur on the screen. The longest the response time gets, the more inconvenient the screen blur becomes. Just CRT screens and OLED displays can have a blur value of zero. LCD monitors, be it with TN panels or IPS screens, would have blur all the time.

In a perfect world, numerous tech fans and gamers mean to go for a response time below 1ms. Nevertheless, with IPS screens this is impractical right at this point. The best that can be expected is 5 ms.

Does it really matter to have 1ms response time? Numerous gamers have come to understand that a quicker reaction time is only a gigantic offering contrivance as a normal eye can’t make the distinction between response times of 1 ms and 5ms.

Numerous notorious gaming brands have begun producing IPS monitors for gaming ignoring the 5 ms value entirely. The quality of color on IPS monitors vigorously exceeds the irrelevant downside in response time.

High-End IPS Models

Best IPS monitors listed here can cost an arm and a leg. You will truly require profound pockets for these. Despite the fact that it is past our intention to persuade you to buy some of these, in the event that you are really a genuine expert on your very own level, then there will be no compelling reason to persuade you. You would definitely realize what you are getting into.

Indeed, some of these outstanding IPS monitors cost a fortune and make you doubt: what make these screens unique in comparison with the standard IPS monitor that costs $150 – $250?

Some of these monitors are quite difficult to find in the market and have even rarer parts. The lower the supply, the higher is the request which makes them always costly.

For the most part with any items and specifically with the quickly evolving market of PC hardware is that the purchasers make the price. In case the larger part of them can legitimize a screen to be justified regardless of two or three thousand Dollars, then that is the cost of the screen despite the fact that it might have cost a tiny amount of money to be produced.


The IPS technology is designed to solve the limitations of traditional LCDs (such as TN twisted nematic field) for example strong viewing angle dependence, high response time and low-quality color reproduction.

The highest benefit of an IPS display is the wide viewing edges, that is the reason hues remain genuine and it does not rely upon what point you see the screen from.

The innovative advantage of IPS feature is likewise utilized for touch screens. It is not astounding that cell phones displays exploit this element likewise. The IPS characteristics on the best IPS monitors for gaming above include other features components that bolster their capacity.

One of the elements featured by IPS monitors is their high resolution. Both of those elements are essential since the greater part of mainstream games issued of late are very demanding, particularly when it comes to resolution.

Best IPS monitors come in a number of basic display designs and not all are created equal. Some are more oriented towards gaming and others for general office work, while select, usually higher end monitors are definitely built more for the professional graphic or video editor crowd.

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Dell Ultrasharp U2415

The Best IPS Monitor


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