Best Hair Cutting Shears 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Hair Cutting Shears

A new haircut can have a huge effect on your mood and how you think about yourself. Think about how you feel when you are looking good. Your whole attitude toward life changes. A good haircut could be the very thing you need to change a bad day into a good one.

No matter if you are looking to trim your hair at home, or planning to open your own shop, and become a professional hair stylist, you want to make sure that you have the best hair cutting shears nearby.

We have created a list of the best hair cutting shears available on the market. This list will make it easier to find the hair cutting shears that are best for you and your hair. No matter your needs, there is a pair of shears for you and your professional needs.

What to look for in hair cutting shears

Instead of buying the first pair of hair cutting shears, you should take some time to consider the key elements of your lifestyle, and work. This will help you find the best shears for you.

Top 5 Best Hair Cutting Shears

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series

This pair of hair cutting shears are some of the best-selling ones and have been used in barber shops for years. These premium shears are six and a half inches. They are made from Japanese stainless. These shears are great for both professional and at home usage. The duality of the blades makes them perfect for all hairstyles. Plus they rarely need to be sharpened, which saves you even more money.

The best feature of these shears is that they are made from Japanese stainless steel. The sharp, sleek design makes it easy to cut hair without the mess that happens with other pairs of scissors. This is because the steel resists build up. You should make sure to store these shears in the leather carrying case when you are not using them.

There are finger cushions that come with the case, but they are not really needed. The finger cushions are the worst part of the Equinox because they feel very cheap and do not really fit well. The less pointed ends of the blades do make them safer overall but make it difficult to create geometric cuts. These shears are great for beginners and those who regularly cut children’s hair, but they can be used for most any type of hairstyling.

These shears have surpassed all of my expectations. They have a very comfortable grip. They are very sharp and easy to use. These shears make it easy to cut the hair without my hands slipping. The tension adjusting screw is great, but I have not really needed to use this feature. These shears are what I recommended to anyone who wants to cut their own hair.


  • Razor sharp blades that cut without tugging or pulling
  • High-quality construction, so they are built to last
  • No plastic parts or mechanisms
  • Adjustable tension screw to ensure stable movement
  • Lightweight (4.8 oz) so they are comfortable for even the smallest hands


  • In terms of drawbacks, these scissors may be dauntingly sharp for some amateurs
  • Also, there are some complaints that the scissor’s blades become dull relatively quickly, after several haircuts
  • Some people found that the scissors pulled the hair a little bit while in operation

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Utopia Care Professional Barber Shears

Utopia Care Professional Barber Shears

Utopia Care makes some of the best shears on the market. Their razor edge hair shears are no exceptions. They cut quietly, and smoothly to make sure that the haircut is done professionally. These shears are perfect for many cutting techniques, so you can easily create most hairstyles.

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ISSIKI Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

ISSIKI Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

The ISSIKE Professional Hair Cutting Scissors are made from hand-sharpened stainless steel. This steel is designed to keep its edge for up to five times longer than other kinds of stainless steel. The blades will not lock or become dull for a long time. These shears are ideal for barbers, hairstylists and cosmetology students because they help create a great cut every time.

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ShearGuru Professional Barber Scissor

ShearGuru Professional Barber Scissor

The ShearGuru Professional Barber Scissors are worth the investment for anyone who regularly cuts hair. They are made from stainless steel, which has been meticulously sharpened and their edge will last a long time. The tension screw was custom designed to make it easy to precisely adjust the tension to your preferences.

Their finger grip is longer to make it comfortable to hold them for a long time. The grip also was designed to reduce the tension needed to close the blades.

ShearGuru also provides a lifetime guarantee on these shears. They have become known for having a great customer service. These shears are ideal for people who need a pair of shears that will last for a long time.

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Kovira Professional Hairdressing Scissors

Kovira Professional Hairdressing Scissors

The Kovira shears come in a zippered black leather case that is cushioned for safe storage. The case has simple elastic bands to hold the shears in the case. These shears use a spring leaf tension adjustment system, which makes it easy to adjust their tension.

They are made from Japanese stainless steel, which makes the shears very durable. Their stylish look makes these shears attractive to many people. These shears have rubber thumb and finger inserts if you need them for comfort reasons.

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Budget pick

KLOUD City Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

KLOUD City Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

The KLOUD are made from stainless steel and are very sharp. The blades’ edges are durable, so they will not need to be sharpened as often. They are also great for home use and as replacement shears for professionals. These scissors are very affordable, especially when compared the other shears on this list.

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Buyer’s Guide

Quality – The quality of shears that you pick should be based on your career and lifestyle. The best option will depend on if you are going to be using the shears professionally or for your own personal use. There are many online reviews that make it easy to find out if a pair of shears that will work for you.

Luckily, we have created a list of the best shears, along with reviews to make it easy to find the best options. You should decide what qualities are the most important to you before deciding what shears will work for you.

Durability – No matter if you are buying hair cutting shears for home or professional use, you should make sure that they are made from durable materials that will not break or malfunction with regular use. This could save you time and money in long run, especially if you are a professional.

Comfort – When you are buying hair cutting shears, you should buy ones that are comfortable to hold for a long time. They should be comfortable, so you can continue using them all day long.

Cutting Efficiency – You should make sure that you are buying shears that are sharp enough to cut hair without pulling on them. Hair cutting shears should not be too sharp because too sharp of shears will damage the hair or leave the hair untidy.

Test when it arrives – When your new hair cutting shears reach your doorstep, you should examine them right away. The sooner that you can examine them, the sooner that you can take advantage of the warranties. Many brands have lifetime warranties, but you may need to sign up for their program. There is also the risk that your shears could be damaged in the mail.

This rarely happens, but it’s always good to check. It is easy and only takes a few minutes to open the box and check out your shears. Even if you buy hair cutting shears in store, you should check to make sure that they feel good in your hands and work well on your hair.

Should you have to pay much for shears?

A good pair of hair cutting shears will last around 400 to 500 haircuts before they need replacing and sharpening, especially if you take care of them correctly. Taking into account that the average haircut costs from $10 to $100, that is a huge return on your investment. There is really no reason to spend a huge amount on hair shears, so you can earn more profits.

Good quality shears will last longer than lower quality ones. Stainless steel shears will last longer than many other materials because they will hold an edge for more haircuts and they are less likely to rust. There are many kinds of stainless steel shears on market, and some of the best shears are priced around the $40. Many times, paying more than $40 is not worth it.

Another factor that you should take into consideration is the cost to sharpen the shears. A good shear sharpening will cost between $15 and $30. Bevel edges will save you money because they are intended to be used for a longer time.

This being said, if you are using stainless steel shears, it may be more affordable to buy a new pair of shears. This cost is a choice that will depend on the shears that you are using. If you are using high priced shears, a good pair of cheaper shears will save you money when you are waiting for your shears to be sharpened.

For both professional hair stylists and home users, hair shears are not magical and do not work on their own. No matter how much that you spend on your hair cutting shears, they are not going to cut your hair on their own. Expensive shears can be worth money, because they keep their edges longer, and some are easier to hold for longer periods of time.

Testing the quality

  1. Look at the scissors from each side in the closed position. The tips of the blades should meet, and you should be able to see a tiny bit between the blades
  2. Open the scissors fully, then all the blades to fall towards each other. The shear’s blades should not stay open, nor should they completely close. They should meet around the halfway mark.

Maintaining your shears

You should make sure that you have your shears sharpened by a professional regularly. You should also add a tiny drop of oil near the screw at the top, which will help to maintain your shears for a long time.

Types of Shears

Hairdressing shears come in a variety of designs that are used for different purposes. Here are some of the most common types of shears.

Texturizer – Texture shears only have teeth on one of the blades, which is similar to a comb. These shears are used to give a cut different layers.

Thinning Shears – These are similar texturizing shears, but the gaps between the teeth tend to be thinner. These are used to thin the hair or blend in layers. The more teeth that are on the shear’s blade, the less hair that will be removed.

Top of the Line Hair Cutting Shears – These shears are made from harder and higher quality steel. They are designed to cut quieter, smoother, and to last longer. They are more expensive than other shears on the market.

Shears for Cutting Dry Hair – If you have the money, you should buy harder steel shears, because dry hair is more abrasive than wet hair. Most times, heavier blades will work better on dry hair, and thinner blades are better for wet. Most times, the blades for dry hair will be thicker in the middle before tapering off. Dry cutting blades also should be ‘broken’ in, because they can ‘skin’ the hair’s cuticles and cause damage.

Pinking Shears for Cutting Hair – These have blades will have zig-zagged teeth, so they may look like a saw. They can be used to create a jagged edge on the cut edge.

Hair Cutting Razor Shears – One blade is straight and the other blade is serrated. This helps grab the hair and prevents the hair from slipping.

Double Swivel Hair Cutting Shears – This type of shears has two swivel joints on the thumb ring, which is to minimize the movement of the thumb. These shears are designed for hair stylists who suffer from carpal tunnel and other joint issues.

Curved Hair Cutting Shears – These shears have curved blades, which helps with precise, consistent and straight cuts along the whole blade length.

Black Hair Cutting Shears – These shears could be blue, black or rainbow colored, which indicates that they have a titanium coating. This coating makes them rust proof and chemical resistant. These shears are also good for hair stylists who have a nickel allergy because most stainless steel has nickel in it.

How to Care for Your Shears

After spending a good chunk of money on a pair of high-quality shears, it should be a priority to take care of them. This can help them last longer, and cut better.

The first thing that you should remember when you are setting down your scissors, you should never leave the blades open, or on a hard counter. Always make sure that the blades are closed, and rest them on a towel or a soft surface. This will lower the risk of the blades being chipped or nicked, which will cause the blades to become dull.

The less that the blades need to be re-sharpened, the longer they will last. If the shears are not correctly cutting, you should check if there are imperfections by running your thumbnail across the blade. You should be able to feel any nicks in the blades, and you can have them removed by sharpening them.

To check the blade’s tension, you just need to hold the shears parallel to the floor and lift the finger ring, then let them drop. If the blade falls immediately without any resistance, the shear’s tension is too loose. You will need to tighten the joint’s screw until the finger ring is able to stay up on its own, and drops when you touch it.

You should always make sure to let your scissors dry completely. Leaving hair products or water on the blades will cause them to rust with time.

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, we hope that our guide has helped you learn about professional hair shears. This could help you go further in your career, or with your hair styling.


It is easy to think that all scissors are the same. This is very common belief with hair cutting shears because many look very similar and are used for similar jobs.

However, once you have tried to cut hair with scissors or shears that are not high-quality, you will feel the difference. This is why most hair cutting shears are called shears, to separate them from scissors.

A good pair of hair cutting shears will help you easily and precisely cut your hair. The cuts will also be clear and will cause less damage to the hair.

Never settle for dull, cheap, or low-quality hair cutting shears, especially those that need to be sharpened. The reviews below will help you find the best shears for you. Only buy the best hair cutting shears, and you will love your results.

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series

The Best Hair Cutting Shears


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