Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming Monitors for PS4
Best gaming monitors for PS4 can deliver an exceptional gaming experience to the user, as they produce exceptional results. Monitors are superior to televisions as they are designed specifically to run gaming consoles.

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BenQ RL2755

BenQ RL2755 is the best in this category, it is the complete package for gamers with its large screen and exceptional qualities.


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This monitor is slightly expensive for a console gaming monitor; however, its big screen monitor is the best in this category. Boasting a 27” screen size with a response time of 1 ms, you can’t ask for more. This monitor isn’t just limited to games but offers pristine imagery for watching TV amongst other things.

BenQ RL2755 comes with BenQ’s Black equalizer and other technologies, which all improve your overall experience. The model also includes a console game mode, which enhances the experience altogether.

The two HDMI ports give you the option to connect multiple devices. The blue low light technology adds comfort to gamers undergoing longer sessions. BenQ RL2755 is the complete package for gamers with its large screen and exceptional qualities.

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Why Do You Need a Gaming Monitors for PS4

Released in 2013, both the Xbox and PS4 have played an important role in delivering gamers a fantastic experience as new high-tech gadgets. These consoles are not just gaming machines, but complete entertainment systems. A good monitor adds much more to this experience and is highly recommended.

Other than the console itself, a good monitor is vital in a top quality setup. The monitor’s responsiveness, size, and quality add a lot to the user experience. Monitors are much cheaper than their PC counterparts and are highly recommended to the home gaming setup.

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This model is a great solution for gamers, as it does not break the bank. This monitor offers HDMI, D-Sub and DVI-D ports for connecting to a variety of devices.


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Top 5 Gaming Monitors for PS4

Brand Screen Size Price
BenQ RL2755 27 $
ASUS VS248H-P 24 $
ASUS VG248QE 24 $$
LG 32MA68HY-P 32 $
AOC I2777FQ 27 $$

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best gaming monitor for PS4 is a lot simpler than purchasing a gaming monitor for a PC. Gaming PCs are more powerful than consoles, and can handle resolutions like WQHD and faster refresh rates. In terms of the PS4, there are requirements, which should not be exceeded. Gaming monitors for consoles are less expensive than their PC gaming counterparts. Please read the following information to find out what to bear in mind.

HDMI port or audio option

You must make sure there is at least one HDMI port on your monitor in order to connect a console. DVI or VGA ports can be useful when connecting your computer. Almost all monitors have multi video inputs, but you should confirm yours does too.

When it comes audio options, people are usually comfortable with the built in speakers included with the monitor, however, external speakers add much more depth to the gaming experience.

HDMI ports include video as well as audio signals, and therefore, you do not need to connect separate speakers when it comes to TVs because in most cases, the TV speakers are good enough. However, with a monitor that is not the case.

The maximum power from monitor speakers is 5W per speaker, and these monitors are simply too expensive and have features that your PS4 won’t be able to utilize anyway. The added cost of integrated speakers is similar to cheaper speakers that have better quality.

IPS panel or TN panel

If you want better visual quality, IPS panels are the way to go. Response times are sometimes an issue, but this is almost unnoticeable. The naked eye cannot detect the different between a 5 ms response time and 1 ms response time monitor.

IPS panels have a superior color resolution because even the cheapest ones have 8-bit panels compared to 6 bit TN panels. Price wise, best gaming monitors for PS4 will almost cost the same regardless of whether it features an IPS panel or a TN panel.

TN panels are the go-to choice for hardcore gamers because they have faster response times and quicker refresh rates. However, since higher refresh rates mean nothing on a console, you can settle for an IPS monitor with a slightly higher response time and superior visuals.

Please note that although we recommend an IPS monitor for PS4, the difference between the visual quality for a TN panel and an IPS panel is not great enough to warrant the shift. If you see a great deal for a TN panel, than by all means, go for it!

What about a VA panel monitor?

VA panels are generally rare; however, they are the perfect bridge between TN and IPS panels because they have faster response times and color resolution like that of TN panels. VA panels have a very high static contrast ratio, giving the color a much better depth, however, these are more expensive.

Appropriate screen size

Bigger is better when it comes to gaming monitors, but there is a limit. We recommend 24″ and 27″ monitors for consoles. The great thing about this size is that you can use it with your computer too. Bigger monitors such as 30 inch or bigger are not only expensive, but they are not the right size for normal gaming use.

Size is definitely a factor when choosing between best gaming monitors for PS4. 24-inch and 27-inch size gaming monitors are not ideal for couch gaming, so bear this in mind.

The right resolution

Although there are a lot of choices on the marker, you do not need anything more than full HD. Do not settle for anything less and do not go for anything higher, because consoles cannot support these monitors.

WQHD, UHD, and 4K resolutions are not backed by consoles. Unfortunately, all these resolutions are not backed by PS4. Even high-end gaming PCs struggle to run games with WQHD resolution. Since Sony wants you to maintain a good frame rate while gaming, they have capped the resolution to FHD.

Input lag

Input lag can be an issue and is not explained in user manuals. Input lag is the measure of how long it takes for a monitor to display an image. The lower the input lag, the better. Some keen observers can see a difference even with 50 vs. 100 ms input lag.

Low response time

A low response time is often the cause of the ghosting effect. If you have a slow response time, you will see fast moving objects leave behind a trail of ghost-like images. These are called artifacts and can distract many gamers.

Refresh rate-60 Hz

A 60 Hz refresh rate is enough for your for console. Expensive monitors usually come with a refresh rate of 120 HZ or higher but this is redundant with a console. Basically, buying a monitor with a refresh rate of more than 60 Hz is a waste of your money.

Is there a difference between gaming in 60 Hz or 120 Hz? The answer is yes. PC gamers are switching to monitors with higher refresh rates, and this is a luxury that PS4 players just cannot have at the moment.

Perhaps next generation consoles will support many of the features that PC gamers enjoy, which include WQHD resolution and faster refresh rates; however, for now, PS4 gamers have to live with what is specified here.

Portable Monitor for PS4

Are you looking for best gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox One?

Portable gaming monitor for PS4 is an entirely different beast. It is not your average portable device as includes other functions. It is not USB powered, because it connected to the PS4 and Xbox One using an HDMI port. These gaming monitors are also called HDMI portable monitors.

There are three types of portable monitors for consoles. Some look similar to USB powered monitors. An example of this one would be GAEMS M155. They are slim, measuring at about 0.6 inches. In fact, this particular monitor is perhaps the slimmest portable gaming monitor for consoles.


Consoles do not require high-end monitors to run well. The best gaming monitors for PS4 are very affordable, and include all the necessary bells and whistles. The monitor should be FHD and it should have an HDMI port to run the console.

You can play PS4 on lower resolution screens, but you won’t be enjoying its full potential. If your monitor does not have an HDMI port you can get adapters, but if you are planning on getting a brand new TV, it is better to go with one that already has an HDMI port.

Nowadays, monitors aren’t too expensive and won’t burn a hole in your wallet.
There is also a breed of portable monitors for PS4 that you can get. They are great if you want to carry your gaming with you. Most of them are also inexpensive and boast good quality.

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BenQ RL2755

The Best Gaming Monitor for PS4


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