The Best Face Masks For Blackhead Removal In 2019

Blackheads are the bane of many people’s lives. They’re unsightly, annoying, and for some people they are seemingly never-ending. There’s a whole bunch of different advice out there about how to deal with blackheads. Some people advocate lotions and potions, other people think you should pop them open and clear them away.

One of the most popular ways to remove blackheads is through the use of face masks. Countless thousands of them are sold all over the world each and every day, but despite this, very few people actually know what they are (and how they work).

What on earth are blackheads anyway? Is there a way stop them from appearing in the first place?

Today we are going to answer all those questions and provide some impartial advice on the efficacy and suitability of face masks as a blackhead removal tool. We’re going to conclude the article with a review of several blackhead removal face masks that we think are the best on the market in 2019.

Let’s get started.

What Are Blackheads And What Causes Them?

Blackheads are hair follicles that have become blocked. Every individual follicle on your body contains a gland that produces an oil called sebum. Sebum is a very useful oil as it’s primarily responsible for keeping our skin as soft as it is. Without it we’d all be dry flaky husks.

Occasionally these follicles will become blocked, this is usually either from dead skin, or it’s from oils and other debris. If the blockage is closed off from the outside world by the skin, it usually remains white in color and becomes a whitehead. However, if the blockage becomes oxygenated and is in direct contact with the air it turns black in color and becomes a blackhead.

There are many different factors that can contribute to the likelihood of someone suffering from blackheads, including:

  • Your body producing too much Sebum (the oil that keeps your skin soft)
  • Your dead skin cells not shedding fully (or not shedding quickly enough)
  • Hormonal changes like menstruation, birth control pills, or puberty
  • Certain prescription drugs

What Are The Different Ways That Blackheads Can Be Prevented?

It should come as no surprise to you to learn that it’s always better to try and prevent something instead of remedy it. If you regularly suffer from blackheads there are several things you can do to limit your outbreaks.

Wash More

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective, and while there are many lotions and potions you can use – they are no substitute for a proper washing routine.

You should wash your face well twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This will give you the best chance of removing any oil, dead skin, and particulate that has accumulated over the course of the day (or during the night).

If you’re particularly affected by blackheads it can be tempting to wash your face more than twice a day – however this is not a good idea. Washing your face too much is damaging to your skin, it will cause an irritation that over time will potentially lead to more blackheads (or other skin issues).

The only exception to this “only twice” rule is when you eat some greasy or oily food (like a burger). You should remove any excess oil as soon as you’re done. Carry some wet wipes around with you and use them to freshen up your mouth when you’re done eating.

You should also try and wash your hair as often as possible, preferably every day. While this is a lot of effort if you’ve got long hair, it can often put an end to your blackhead breakouts.

Note: If your hair is oily you should seriously consider this last tip, there’s a good chance that it’s a significant contributing factor to your blackhead issues.

Remove Oil From Your Products

If you use any creams, lotions, potions, or makeup then you should do your best to ensure that they are free from oils. Oil based products can be one of the main causes of blackheads in some cases (which is something the manufacturers really don’t want you to know). If possible, throw away any of your cosmetics and creams that use oil, and get new oil-free versions.

Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliating masks (not to be confused with blackhead removal masks) are another way you can try and beat the blackheads before they break out. They are designed to reach inside your pores and unclog any oil, dead skin, and other debris before they turn into whiteheads or blackheads.

The effectiveness of exfoliating masks depends quite largely on the brand you’re dealing with. Some lower quality products will do next to nothing for you (or can even make you break out), others will leave your skin feeling cleaner than its ever been before.

You don’t need to use exfoliating masks to prevent blackheads, it’s perfectly possible for most people to stay clean enough through washing alone. But if you want to give them a go it’s certainly worth trying them out to see if you notice any difference.

Different Types of Blackhead Removal Product

So now we know what blackheads are, why they are caused, and how you can try and prevent them. But what if it is too late for all of that, what options are available to you?

Blackhead Removal Masks

One of the most popular (and arguably the most effective) ways to remove blackheads are blackhead removal masks. There’s a huge amount of variation between products, some are excellent and will do their job properly, others can actually make you break out even more. So it’s very important to pick products that come highly recommended (we’re going to help you out with that later).

The reason that blackhead removal masks are so popular is not just because they are effective, it’s because they are convenient. The alternative treatment methods usually either require you to poke around your skin or stand in front of the mirror for a while. A face mask, on the other hand, is an enjoyable experience, you get a relaxing cooling sensation while you lie back and let the product work its magic.

Blackhead Removal Strips

Not too long ago blackhead removal strips were the removal method of choice for most people. They are small little pieces of adhesive material (not too dissimilar to a band-aid) that you would apply to blackheads directly. You’d then leave them on for a little while and eventually remove them, hopefully this would remove the blackhead.

Removal strips were reasonably effective, but they were simply overshadowed by the unstoppable rise of face masks. Face masks were considered to be better as they allowed you to treat your whole face at one time while actually enjoying the experience (instead of sticking multiple little strips all over your face).

Manual Extractors

Manual extractor kits are the oldest blackhead removal tool, they’ve been around for decades in some form or another. The specific design of the kits varies, but they usually have a hoop attached to the end of a little rod. You position the blackhead inside the middle of the hoop and then apply pressure. This should pop the blackhead and make all the nasty stuff come pouring out.

There’s no denying that this is an effective way to remove blackheads, but it’s not without its issues. The most obvious issue is the amount of time it takes. You’ve got to stand in front of the mirror for ages, prodding and poking every individual blackhead you come across. Improper use of these kits can also cause minor scarring in some cases, which is obviously less than ideal.

Electric Extractors

Electric blackhead extractors are one of the latest products to hit the market in the battle against the blackheads. They’re a reasonably clever invention that does a great job (if you’ve got the budget for it). They kind of operate on a similar level to manual extraction kits, the main difference is that instead of pushing and applying pressure the extractor applies suction and sucks the blackhead out instead. This is quicker than manual extraction, and the risk of scarring is reduced. However, it does still mean that you’ve got to manually inspect your whole face instead of just putting on a mask and removing them all in one go. Perhaps the biggest issue with them, however, is the price. They’re a niche specialist product, so you better have deep pockets.

Overall Best Blackhead Removal Mask:

Nylea Purifying Quality Black Peel off Charcoal Mask

There are good blackhead removal masks and there are bad blackhead removal masks, it’s hard to know the difference sometimes. But we have done the hard work for you…

Below you’re going to find 5 excellent product recommendations that are more than worthy of your consideration. But in our opinion, this product from Nylea is the best blackhead removal mask on the market in 2019.

It’s an incredibly gentle mask that is built from super safe ingredients that have been designed to obliterate blackheads while keeping your skin safe and sound. It’s a slightly hydrating product that will soften your skin through usage (but it’s not as hydrating as a dedicated hydration mask).

It’s super easy to use and within a matter of minutes, you’ll have your entire face covered and feeling tingly and fresh. It’s a silly point, but we love the way that this product looks when it has been applied. It’s a pure glossy black, and considering the reason we’re using it, it seemed very appropriate!

It’s exceptionally good at removing blackheads and utilizes the power of natural ingredients like rosemary extract and marigold. It combines them with techniques that are at the cutting edge of skin care science for a complete solution. No blackhead will be left behind once you’ve applied this product – you can sit back, and relax as your face is magically cleansed.

It’s honestly an excellent product that anecdotally has excellent reviews. It’s one of the most popular products on Amazon and at around $15 it’s great value for money too. We highly recommend that you add it to the top of your shortlist.

5 Other Mask we Highly Recommend

Let’s take a look at a few other masks we came across during our research that we really liked the look of (but didn’t quite make it to the top spot above).

Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay

This is one of the world’s most powerful facial cleansing tools on the market. It’s pretty much a one-stop skincare shop, and you’re going to find more uses for it than you could ever imagine. It’s exceptionally good at removing blackheads and it’s based on principles and materials that have been used for skincare for hundreds of years.

It’s made from pure bentonite clay and contains no artificial colorings, no chemicals, and no animal products. Just pure, natural, clay.

It’s an absolute pleasure to apply to your face, and you’ll easily be able to put on an even layer within a matter of minutes. It’s powerful stuff, you need to be careful you don’t leave it on for longer than 10 minutes otherwise it can start to dry and redden the skin. So if you’re looking for a mask that you can wear during a long hot bath (or for a long period of time) then this isn’t the product for you.

It’s an amazingly effective natural alternative to some of the more chemically intensive products on the market – and we highly recommend it.

Mousand Blackhead Remover Mask

This is rapidly becoming one of the most popular products on the market and is receiving rave reviews from people who have used it to treat their blackheads. Its main selling point is that it is made from activated charcoal that’s been derived from bamboo.

If you’ve not heard of the benefits of activated charcoal you must have been living under a rock, as it’s the latest trend being used in everything from moisturizers to face masks. It has natural purification qualities that have a multitude of uses – one of which is blackhead removal.

It’s an extremely inexpensive product at around $12, and the application process will take you no longer than 5 minutes. It’s designed to be worn for an extended period of time (unlike the Aztec product above) and you should leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Taking the mask off is as easy as putting it on and you’ll be able to pull it off in one piece to reveal your blackhead free skin.

Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask

This product from the world famous Aria Starr is one of the best on the market. If you want to get an idea of how good this stuff is then just take a look at the reviews on Amazon. Over 2,500 people have purchased it, and its got a 4.5-star rating – that is not easy to do unless your product is of an exceptional quality.

It’s made from a variety of different all natural ingredients to create a mask that feels like you’re in a spa. It utilizes the power of real dead sea mud, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and shea butter (alongside other ingredients) to naturally destroy blackheads, clear pores, and leave your skin looking fresher and smoother than ever.

It’s got hydrating properties too that will help make your skin soft, and it helps increase blood flow which can help limit the effects of aging and make your skin look younger.

It’s a reasonably priced product at around $15, and it’s more than worthy of your consideration.

Vena Beauty Blackhead Remover Black Mask

This is the second product on our list that uses activated charcoal to remove blackheads, and it’s another viable option if you liked the sound of the other charcoal product we mentioned. It’s largely made from the same effective combination of ingredients and has the same proven benefits and effects.

Again, it’s easy to apply and you’ll need to leave it on for around 30 minutes before taking it off to get the full cleansing effect. What we really like about this product is that it also comes with a little blackhead removal kit. This allows you to remove any super stubborn blackheads manually that aren’t dealt with by the mask.

Vassoul Blackhead Remover Mask

The final product on our list is from Vassoul, and it’s another activated charcoal product that uses the almost magical properties of the material to remove blackheads. It’s a little cheaper than the other activated charcoal products we’ve listed today, but only just. It’s super quick to apply, and it needs to be left on for 30 minutes like most masks on the market.

It’s hard for us to say which of the three activated charcoal products we’ve recommended here today is the definitive best – but they’re all more than worthy of your consideration.


So there you have it, an insight into the world of blackheads and face masks.

There’s a lot of rubbish out there on the market posing as an effective face mask solution for blackhead removal. Some of them can actually make you break out as they contain oils. We highly recommend you do significant amounts of research before making a purchase decision on your own.

Of course, you could just use the recommendations we made above instead as we’ve already done the hard work for you…