Best 4K Monitors 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best 4K Monitors
4K Ultra High Definition is the latest display technology entertaining people around the world. People use it in many professions and sectors to see top-quality visuals – a size four times that of standard HD. Best 4K monitors provide an experience most of us have never seen.

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Samsung UE590

This 24-inch monitor provides a combination of features that make it top-of-class. Gamers and non-gamers alike will find much to like.


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Samsung UE590 beats most 4K monitors hands down. This 24-inch monitor provides a combination of features that make it top-of-class. Gamers and non-gamers alike will find much to like.

The Samsung UE590 has a response time of 1 ms. It has AMD FreeSync technology. As far as connectivity options, this Samsung UE590 features one Display port and two HDMI ports.

These features alone demonstrate Samsung created this monitor with gamers in mind. Of course, you will need a computer capable of supporting such a high resolution in the first place. If have you in your possession, you will reap the benefits.

The monitor attracts glances. The display beautifies the room. What’s more, it is one of the most affordable 4K monitors for sale. This is a display for a John/Jane Doe. He/she would enjoy the experience offered. Most people cannot fathom viewing the equivalent of 4 full-HD (FHD) screens worth of information on a single display.

The small screen size tops the list as the only major drawback for this monitor. Most aficionados see UHD resolution for a 24-inch monitor as too much.

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Why Do You Need a 4K Monitor

The quantity and quality of the pixels will shock you! That’s a bit of hyperbole. Obviously, I am exaggerating. But you must see 4K believe it. Enthusiasts use 4K displays, no surprise there. But what is surprising is that even professionals use these monitors. Everyone wants the best experience.

But there is one group I left out. Another group that demands higher resolutions, a better visual experience. You must have already figured out who I am talking about here: gamers. That’s right, you! The question is, can your hardware support 4K resolution?

Well, for an average gaming computer, running games on Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) demands a lot. 4K or Ultra-high definition (UHD) is another story. This setup requires powerful hardware. You will need a water-cooled 4 GHz 4-core processor with 3 way SLI NVIDIA GTX Titan at your disposal.

Regardless, we created this list of the best 4K monitors to help you choose the best display for your needs.

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ASUS is one of the trendiest 4K motinors for a budget price. It features several notable features such as 4 ms response time, a 27-inch display, and many connectivity options.


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Top 5 4K Monitors

Brand Screen Size Price
Samsung UE590 23.6 $
Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q 31.5 $$$
ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQ 27 $$
Acer XB280HK 28 $$
NEC EA244UHD 24 $$$

What is 4K Technology?

Input Lag

If you are a passionate gamer, then you must ponder the importance of input lag. It could be beneficial to you. Input lag is a measure of how long it takes for an action to occur on screen after a key is pressed or mouse moved. The lower the input lag, the faster your actions appear on a screen. This increases your chances of winning game matches.

Unfortunately, you will need to contact the monitor’s manufacturer for specific input lag numbers. best The information is not accessed easily otherwise.


The picture in Picture (PIP) and Picture by Picture (PBP) are important features for large, high-resolution displays. PIP separates the screen in half and displays output from two different devices simultaneously; however, the main screen displays the output of another device in inset windows.

PBP separates the screen in half and shows output from two different devices at the same time on a single display.
On many best 4K monitors, you can have two independent sources. This can greatly enhance not only your experience but also your productivity. The two simultaneously independent display do not need to be of the same size as you can generally resize one of them or both of them to your liking.

Color Space Coverage

Hardcore professionals find color space coverage a useful. Most of the best 4K monitors possess 100% sRGb and 100% Adobe RGB. The coverage reflects the colors the display shows. An optimal calibration setting can result from a high color space coverage.

But monitors that cover 100% sRGB pricey. Displays that cover 100% of Adobe RGB are out-of-reach for most people.
4K for Gaming?

Current gaming hardware cannot produce 4K resolutions at high graphics settings while keeping a solid frame rate. The hardware lacks the power; 4K technology is just too resource intensive. Unless you own a super-powered gaming rig, prepare for disappointment.

Types of monitors

Consumers should know about the different types of monitors available. But consumers may find they are wading in an alphabet soup. Acronyms like IPS, IGZO and TN – the three main HD and 4K display types – can confuse the average shopper.

TN Panels

TN Panels are well-suited for budget-minded gamers and mainstream users. These panels are renowned for their affordability. Yet this type produces some of the fastest response times around. Nevertheless, TN Panels lack accurate color and sharp images at unusual viewing angles. For these reasons, they’re not the best choice for professional users.

IPS Panels

With IPS panels, consumers get top-notch image sharpness even from unusual viewing angles. Also, viewers benefit from excellent color reproduction. Still, the slowness of the screens present issues for gaming and video animation viewing. These monitors come up short compared to TN panels in this area. For comparison, many TN displays offer 1 millisecond response times while IPS panels eek out only 4 milliseconds.

IGZO Panels

IGZO panels use a different type of transistor compared to the other panel types. The other panels use amorphous silicon. This allows IGZO panels to more efficient power usage and less girth. These qualities make IGZO technology ideal for the energy conscious.


Best 4K monitors are available in many different sizes and at different price points. Prices range from as low as $300 to over $2,000. Your needs will determine the 4K monitor that is right for you. One thing is certain: you will need deep pockets to buy a 4K monitor appropriate for professional work. 4K monitors can get pricey.

We do not recommend top-of-the-line 4K monitors for gamers. The gaming hardware requirements are out-of-reach for many. Monitors and graphics both need to be very powerful.

If you desire a powerful, clear display for personal or professional needs then you will find a 4K monitor appropriate. It will render the finest details exquisitely. Serious gamers who want to max their native resolution capabilities will also desire a 4K display. 4K will It will show games like Crysis 3 so beautifully that you will feel like you could step into the screen.

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Samsung UE590

The Best 4K Monitor


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