AO 24 Canvas Beer Cooler Review

AO 24 Canvas Beer Cooler Review

You will be glad to know that taking a twenty-four pack with you has never been easier. With AO 24 Canvas Beer Cooler shoulder style design and top zipper opening, you get the feel of the Polar Bear model the only difference is performance.

The downside of AO 24 Canvas Beer Cooler is that it isn’t designed for all day use. It is made for transporting items you want cool. If you lay it on its side, you may be disappointed to find that it has leaked. The shoulder straps are and hands are strong, but it just didn’t fall into the top of the favorites list like other models you love.

You will find that the AO is easy to use. You have the wide mouthed zipper that makes it easy to load and unload. The front pouch holds things you want to keep close, like napkins. Whether you are going to the beach or climbing the bleachers, it is easy to carry with the shoulder strap. These are the points that keep in the competition with other brands in the category.

It seems that its biggest strength, the zipper opening at the top, is also its weakest link. This is because once the ice melts, which is quicker than you might like, it becomes leaky. If you knock it over, it’s going to spill. Even the port designed to release the water is a poor design because of the leaking tendency.

Overall, this is one of the best beer coolers if you want to use it occasionally. However, the canvas is going to show wear and tear with the time. You are going to need a replacement sooner rather than later. Just be prepared to stretch your budget when buying AO 24 Canvas Beer Cooler.


  • Total capacity: 35 lb. (24 cans plus ice)
  • Product height (in.): 12
  • Product width (in.): 10
  • Product depth (in.): 17
  • Product weight: 4 lb.


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