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Best Beer Fridges 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Beer Fridges

It’s always a struggle to fit your favorite beverages in a crowded refrigerator at home. A solution for that is about as simple as getting another refrigerator. However, an easier and cheaper solution would be buying the best beer fridges specifically designed for storing your favorite brews and other beverages.

With hundreds of beverage coolers and mini fridges out on the market to choose from, you will find the right beer fridge to fit your needs. The guide we have should help you to find the best beer fridges.

We choose to focus on some of the most popular models at manageable sizes and affordable price points, to help you find the most practical option. After we tested out several different beer fridges for both capacity and temperature control, we used our years of experience testing home appliances to figure out how to find the right beer cooler for any customer. Below, we have everything you will need to make this decision.

Some believe small beer fridge just can’t cool drinks well enough, and this is possibly because of some products not performing well, even though they are supposedly dedicated for beer.

We actually tested these ourselves and have compiled a list of the top 5 best beer fridges, which provide the best value for money.

Top 5 Best Beer Fridges

Brand Capacity Price
top choice

126 $$
Haier 150 $$
EdgeStar 148 $$$
Whynter 117 $$
Russell Hobbs 26 $$

Newair AB-1200 Beer Fridge

Newair AB-1200 Beer Fridge
Newair is easy to keep all your friend’s favorite drinks on hand with this beer fridge. It is 63lbs. It comes in measuring 19” x 18.25” x 33.13. This means that it will very easily fit anywhere. Put it in your dorm, boat, or even in your office with ease.

In addition to the seven thermostat settings, you have the added ability to auto-defrost so that cleaning and maintenance are easy to keep track of.

Haier HBCN05FVS Beer Fridge

Haier HBCN05FVS Beer Fridge
Haier is one of the best beer fridges for parties, sports games, or even just a night in without having to restock. Just imagine how awesome it would be to have one stocked with beer inside your man cave. The glass door with the blue lighting would highlight your beer perfectly.

You will find that this is more than just a fridge. It allows you to keep your drinks perfectly 38 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than what comparable mini fridges can do.

EdgeStar CBR1501SG Beer Fridge

EdgeStar CBR1501SG Beer Fridge
The reversible stainless steel-trimmed door makes it user-friendly for left handed users. It also allows you to place it anywhere and still be able to get into it. The stylish design means that it can fit anywhere without seeming like a design flaw.

EdgeStar has a built-in carbon filter to make sure that outside odors do not affect the contents. The glass door is tinted to maintain the temperature inside while keeping UV rays outside.

What beverages are you storing?

If you are re-storing one particular type of beverage, you might want to check the temperature range of the fridge you are choosing, to make sure it can reach the optimum temperature for that beverage. You will also want to think about the size of the bottles or cans that you will be storing the fridge.

Does your fridge’s appearance matter to you?

As there are many types of bar fridges, there are many shapes, colors and styles that go with them. Glass door beer fridge, for example, is great if you want to be able to see the beverages you’re storing with ease, however, if you want a discrete fridge that blends with the rest of your decor, you may prefer a solid door.

Where will your beer fridge be installed?

You should always make note of where you want your home beer fridge installed in your home or in your bar.

  • Would you like your fridge indoors?
  • Do you want it outside?
  • Do you want it in the kitchen or in a certain dining area?

Are you concerned with energy efficiency?

Different bar fridges come with different levels of energy efficiency. Some will always use more power than others. Think about your own personal preferences and look into a model’s level of energy efficiency if this is something important to you.

Power consumption is one of the points you cannot ignore when buying a beer fridge. In many developing countries, the law also provides for manufacturers to estimate large appliances, including kegerators, consume much electricity each year.

You can always check and compare the samples with the same capacity. Samples with much less energy, in general, are more expensive but you will save money on electricity for decades.


The capacity of a compact beer fridge, like and a wine cooler, is one of the most important factors that need to be considered with great care. The internal dimensions of the fridge give you an estimate of the capacity a fridge may hold. Having a very suitable capacity is important so that your guests do not have to wait for cool and chilled drinks.

Temperature range

Many of your beverages need a different temperature to be chilled to perfection. If the temperature is not set then the texture and taste of the beer can stay the same when stored properly. Different types of beers need to be stored at the different temperatures.

A digital temperature controller is an important part of best beer fridges since it allows you to keep an eye on the temperature of the beer fridge. The thermostat can also help you in adjusting the temperature according to the type of the beer.


The life span of any beer fridge is usually 10 years. You should always check the warranty period and the provisions for product warranties. This is especially the case for imported CBU refrigerators.

Flat shelves

Most mini beer fridges come with curved wire shelves which can only hold bottles horizontally. Make sure you check the shelves in the fridge before you purchase it to ensure they can hold your bottles vertically. Flat shelves are better for vertical storage, which is ideal for beer cooling.

Glass front

Nothing spoils beer faster than being exposed to light. So make sure the front door of your fridge is either solid or has dark smoked glass. A glass front beer fridge is better for keeping the light from hitting your beer stockpile.

Bigger is always better

An obvious one, but most beer fridges are fairly small. The assumption is that unless you are a multi-millionaire with a true cellar, you are probably only storing a few dozen bottles at a time. In most cases, it is less than a few dozen.

But large beer fridges allow you to store multiple bottles of the same beer so you can see how they age over time. They also let you purchase six-packs, twelve-packs… even cases without concern. This is all dependent on your preference and how much you are looking to store and collect.

Looks matter

While the drinks inside the fridge are the most important thing, there’s no harm in having a decent looking appliance to impress friends when they stop by. Plenty of fridges do not sit well in most rooms and resemble black boxes. If you can, look for something with nice lines, a glass front, and a clean exterior. Good beer wants to be showcased. It’s vain like that.

Avoid the super high-end models

It would be a good idea to stay away from the most expensive stuff of the world and look for something a little less high-end. As long as you are not getting the knock-off floor model from your local brand supplier, you’ll probably be okay.

As long as your cool beer fridge is efficient and reliable, you should be happy with it. While you want it to be less than an eye-sore, you do not want to spend too much money on what should be cooling and storing your beverages.

Test your fridge prior to usage

Before you start stocking your new appliance with beer, toss a thermometer in the fridge and see how accurately the temp reading is. If it is off by a couple degrees, adjust accordingly. Again, you are generally looking to keep your high-gravity beer between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit (opinions vary).


For the fridge to be both efficient and effective there must be adequate ventilation around the unit, which will allow warm air to escape. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have the fridge installed by a professional.

Buying Tips

There are a lot of mini beer fridges and beverage coolers out there that are cheap and easy to find. That is great if all you are storing is 30-packs of PBR or cans of Bud Light. These are beers that beg to be consumed as cold as possible, so buy a dorm fridge, crank the thermostat down to one degree above freezing, and enjoy your watery swill.

But for those of you looking for the perfect item for “good beer,” a beer fridge is more appropriate.

Most fridges will not hold stable temperatures above 45 degrees (This is for obvious reasons… food spoils quickly at those temps… but beer doesn’t!). Beer fridges are made to hold temps between 40-60 degrees (with some variation).

Dual-zone cooling

Two-zone fridges have a non-removable shelf in the middle that separates the two cooling zones. Since a carboy takes up almost the entire interior space, that shelf would kill my home brewing plan. But assuming that’s not your intention, a two-zone fridge is ideal. With two zones, you can keep your lower gravity brews colder and fresher for longer while allowing your higher gravity beers to age and mellow at the higher temps they crave.

Removable shelves

You should make sure the shelves can all come out of the fridge and that you have lots of options for where they go. The more placement options, the more efficient your fridge becomes. And a more efficient fridge holds more beer.

Types of beer fridges

For the most part, beer fridges work about the same and look the same. If you are looking for specific types, you should pay attention to the key functions and features.

One type of beer fridge is a back bar bottle cooler. These fridges are mostly equipped with glass doors and are an excellent option for storing and displaying the beer collection. They are excellent space savers. There are also beer best fridges with solid doors which are excellent for storage.

There are also upright beer fridges with large capacity and vertical shelves. There are also horizontal fridges where beer can be stored and displayed. The beer fridges are either equipped with sliding doors or hinged doors. The sliding doors are recommended more because they are energy efficient and easier to use.

Beer Serving Temperature

Temperature has a profound effect on how a beer will taste to even the average beer drinker. The chemical compounds that are responsible for the myriad aromas and flavors we love in our beer are variously activated and suppressed according to temperature.

Warmth usually makes a flavor more perceptible, while cold tends to suppress it. Choosing just the right temperature ensures that these constituent chemicals remain properly in balance as you enjoy your craft beer or homebrew.

Different styles of beer taste better to most people at different temperatures.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • 35–40°F (2–4°C): Mass market light lagers
  • 40–45°F (4–7°C): Czech and German Pilsners, Munich Helles, wheat beers, and Kölsch
  • 45–50°F (7–10°C): IPAs, American pale ales, porters, and most stouts
  • 50–55°F (10–13°C): Belgian ales, sour ales, Bocks, English bitters and milds, Scottish ales
  • 55–60°F (13–16°C): Barleywines, imperial stouts, Belgian strong ales, and Doppelbocks.

When in doubt, you should remember the rule of thumb: light body and low alcohol beer tastes better cold while full body and high alcohol examples are better when warmer.


A beer fridge is an excellent way to present your cooled beverages to guests. It would also make a great gift for the beer drinker or anyone who needs a little extra beverage cooling space. Home or garage beer fridge is designed for the front of the house use, when a commercial beer fridge is a choice for social establishments with a large customer base such as pubs and bars.

It can also be used at home. We undertook a lot of research and tested a wide range of different products. We picked the ones that performed brilliantly and offered the best value for money.

Top 5 Best Beer Fridges

Brand Capacity Price
top choice

126 $$
Haier 150 $$
EdgeStar 148 $$$
Whynter 117 $$
Russell Hobbs 26 $$

Build your own smart beer fridge

Although some brands offer expensive beer fridges that offer convenience and total access to your beer stock through your home appliance, you may want to find a cheaper and more independent way to be connected.

If you were to purchase a Wii Balance Board, you can easily accomplish this for less. A Wii Balance Board fits perfectly under your beer fridge (with a maximum weight of 330 lbs.) and allows you to recognize when you are running low on beer via Bluetooth technology. Just by having a Bluetooth adapter, you are now able to have full access to your beer fridge with these few simple additions.

Molson’s Latest Fridge Prank

Molson’s latest advertising campaign has the company sending red beer fridge’s across Europe with free stocks of the Canadian brew inside. However, there is one issue with the fridge if you are not a Canadian citizen.

The fridge is locked. The only way to open it? You have to own a Canadian passport and need to scan it to open the fridge full of beer.

Unlocking your beer fridge Via Voice Translation

As a maker of Canadian beer, you would not expect Molson to be the face of a new product for a home appliance. But, with the help of Google software, a new voice translation upgrade allows you to give your fridge commands as if you were talking to your pet.

The Molson voice translation application activates when you utter the phrase “I am Canadian,” Molson’s longtime advertising campaign. Once the fridge recognizes the phrase, it opens and you will be able to reach for your many beer cans stored in your fridge. Or it could make things easier when you are trying to place newly purchased cans into your fridge.

Bud Light’s Brand New Smart Fridge

Are you always looking into your fridge before parties to make sure you have the right amount of beverages in stock for your guests? Now, you won’t have to.

Bud Light is introducing a new smart beer fridge to allow their customers to have a more modern home appliance in the digital age. Once plugged in, your fridge will be able to send alerts to your smartphone so that you can keep track of your beer stock. If you are an NFL fan, and odds are you will be if you are an avid beer drinker, you can program your beer fridge to give a countdown 30 minutes before kick-off.

With Bud Light’s new smart beer fridge, your fridge will be connected to you for absolute efficiency and awareness.

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